Saturday, September 14, 2013

Centralized log management - Syslog-ng, Phpsyslog-ng and MySQL back-end

Should I split this blogtorial in different parts and spoon feed it or are my readers man (or woman) enough to just take this blog as a whole and tear it apart? I decided my readers are hungry enough to handle the beast that centralized Syslog management really is. If you follow this blogtorial step by step you will have a fully functioning centralized Syslog management with a database back-end to store the logs, PHP web GUI front-end to view the logs and a solid Syslog server collecting all of the data.

Here is what we will cover in this blogtorial: 
  • Installing and configuring MySQL - This will house the database and the necessary tables to organize the logs.  
  • Installing httpd/apache and PHP libraries - This will be the webserver to house the Syslog-ng web GUI front-end (phpsyslog-ng)
  • Installing phpsyslog-ng - This will be the web based GUI to view the logs.
  • Installing syslog-ng - This will be the app collecting the logs and sending it to MySQL. 
Grab some chips, salsa and your favorite beer or a glass of wine because it is going to be a long one but in the end you should have a robust centralized log management system.

Monday, September 9, 2013

Configuring ASA NAT - Dynamic NAT - Object Network NAT

In this blogtorial we will see how we can take an inside LAN subnet and dynamically NAT using a POOL of addresses. Make sure the pool of addresses being used is reachable from the destination.

Here is the topology and the entire config can be downloaded here.

Inside LAN ( subnet should be dynamically translated to one of the IP addresses from the POOL (