Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Configuring OTV - OTV Configuration and Verification

In this blogtorial, I will go through OTV configuration on virtualized routers on Eve-NG and go through a few verification commands. I will also touch on key OTV terminologies and design considerations.

If you need any assistance on how to get Eve-NG up and running on google compute, please see my previous blogtorial - Configuring Eve-NG on Google Compute Engine

Here is the topology. Our goal is to establish layer 2 connectivity between (ESXi-West-1) and (ESXi-East-1). One of the key advantages of using OTV versus other technologies such as VPLS is that spanning-tree domain will not be extended between the sites. Other benefits include ARP suppression, Unknown flooding suppression, Hardware acceleration, and multi path tunneling.

First thing we will configure is the transport network or the underlay. We will start with the devices in the East Site.