Monday, April 2, 2012

Preventing Sub-optimal routing in mutual redistribution - Part 1

Following from my previous redistribution post. Let's explore a few ways we can prevent sub-optimal routing from redistributing routes at multiple routers.

Consider the topology from my previous redistribution post and let's continue.

Configuring Mutual Redistribution - OSPF to RIP

In this blogtorial we will take a look at how to configure mutual redistribution between OSPF and RIP. Though it is very easy to configure, tweaking it and preventing suboptimal routing is tricky. However, we will save "Preventing Sub-optimal routing in mutual redistribution" for the next post.

Consider a very simple topology below and let's get started.

Configuring Frame Relay Point to Point and Point to Multipoint

It has been a while since I have written a blog. I have been very busy with life, new job and my CCIE studies. That's right folks, I have started my pursuit of the digits!! I will post my study materials, my schedule, and study plan on another post. In this blogtorial we will configure Frame Relay Point to Point and Point to Multipoint. We will build on this topology and configure EIGRP and explore topics such as split horizon and see how it affects route advertisments. Consider the simple topology below and lets get started.