Sunday, November 24, 2013

Cisco Nexus 3548 - Configuring Active Latency Monitoring Hidden Cisco commands

In my previous blogtorial 'Cisco Nexus 3548 - Configuring Active Buffer Monitoring' I demonstrated how we can monitor buffer spaces, however what if I wanted to know the latency profile of the entire switch or per port. Enter the world of Cisco hidden commands and that's where you will find 'Active Latency Monitoring' quietly lurking around. These set of commands will enable switch latency profile measurements and give you the per port latency statistics such as total frame count within a time period, the min/max/avg latency for those frames.

For some reason, Cisco decided to keep it hidden although it may be added to the next release. As of now use this command with caution, since it is hidden it is not supported in the configuration (yet). 

Here is how you configure 'Active Latency Monitoring' on a Cisco Nexus 3548.