Monday, November 3, 2014

CCIE Journey - 11/3/14 - Study Plan v5

I am back on the CCIE v5 studies again. I have been studying on and off for a few years now, but now I am motivated more than ever. After reviewing blogs/discussion boards on how people who are also on the same grueling but equally rewarding journey studied for their CCIE exam, I put together a study schedule that I believe fits my busy schedule. The most challenging aspect of studying for one of the toughest exam is finding "uninterrupted" time slots where you can actually study. People always ask me “when do you find the time to study with family, kids, work and life?” My response to them is always the same "you don’t find time. You and I both have the same amount of time in day. What matters is how you utilize it". If you need more time to do what you want – then be awake for most of the day and get up early!!

CCIE has been sort of like a light switch in my brain that I have been turning on and off and this time I am rewiring this light directly into the main grid and it's staying on ... constant. Here is the study schedule for now till I get closer to my full 8hr labs.