Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Configuring MPLS L2VPN InterAS VPWS - EoMPLS Port Mode

In this blogtorial I am going to show you a quick how-to on implementing L2VPN and more specifically Virtual Private Wire Service (EoMPLS Port Mode). VPWS can save money thus increasing the revenue for service providers because P2P circuits are usually more expensive. We are going to be configuring EoMPLS (Ethernet Over MPLS - Port Mode). Note: EoMPLS Modes - Port Mode, VLAN mode and VLAN Re-write mode. AToM (Any transport over MPLS) is sort of the umbrella which covers EoMPLS, FRoMPLS, and ATMoMPLS.

Consider the simple topology below.

Relevant configurations are posted below.
First let's get R1 and R2 configured with the appropriate commands.

What are we doing above? 

1) MPLS label protocol to be LDP instead of TDP (by default it is LDP)
2) Create a pseudowire-class
3) Create a l2 VFI (Virtual Forwarding Instance)
4) Create the neighbor statements
5) Create Loopbacks
6) Interface description and IP addresses / enable MPLS BGP forwarding / enable mpls ip
7) Enable OSPF and get the appropriate networks in Area 0
8) Enable BGP and peer with the other provider and send label information

Now let's get the Provider Edge (PE) routers configured.

What are we doing above? 

1) MPLS label protocol to be LDP instead of TDP (by default it is LDP)
2) Create a pseudowire-class
3) Create Loopbacks
4) Interface ip / enable mpls ip
5) Enable OSPF and get the networks in Area 0
6) Enable Xconnect

Now let's work on the Customer Edge.

Notice how we can transparently ping from R5 to R6.

Let's see some show commands that are useful in verifying our config.

That's it. Easy as that VPWS in a nutshell :)

Click here for full configurations on all the routers. 

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  1. really nice post!!
    I'll try it

  2. Thank you. Please let me know if you need any help/comments/suggestions etc.

  3. I already done but I have something problem about the both customer edge , I drag left FastEthernet for connecting CE Router with qemu host and I set up FastEthernet ip which I found that qemu host can ping and but I cannot ping
    what i missing ? help me please

    1. if you see my post please answer at
      thank you for next advance

    2. If all the mpls stuff is working then I would assume that does not know how to get back to Get on the other CE and type show ip route and see if you can see a route back to Run some routing protocols / static route between the CE's .. eigrp? ospf? for example .. try this on both CE routers.

      config t
      router ospf 1
      network area 0
      redistribute connected

      That should get the routes advertised between the CE.

      Let me know if that works.

      If not give me some show commands mentioned above such as 'show mpls l2transport vc'.

  4. Sorry forget that I use static route on Lefthand CE Router --> ip route and Righthand CE Router --> ip route result is nothing

    Should I use ospf or eigrp ? staid route have problem ?
    Thank you

    1. sorry I type wrong , static route have problem ?

    2. I believe the issue is R1 <-> R3 and R2 <-> R4 are not ldp neighbors.

      Please post the output for 'show mpls ldp neighbor' on R1 and R2. If they show only 1 neighbor then we have a problem. Also post the output for 'show mpls l2transport vc' and 'show xconnect all' on R3 and R4.

      Try this on R1 and R2 'mpls ldp router-id Loopback0 force'. If the ldp local id happens to be something that your peer cant get to/reach then the ldp neighborship will not form therefore your mpls will be broken (routers cannot exchange/switch labels).

      Once you post those the show commands I should be able to figure it out.

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  6. I have sent phonlawat working configs for all the routers .. please contact me at arwinratgmaildotcom if anyone else needs it.

  7. thank you for your post. It's really interesting.
    But i have some problem. I follow these task as what you showed, but i can't ping from R5.
    Could you send the complete configuration for all the routers in the topology. Thanks so much!

    1. Please send the configuration for all the routers clearly to my email:
      Thank you very much.

    2. I tried emailing you the configs but your email bounced. Please send me your correct email address.

    3. Here is the working configurations for all the routers.!topic/ithitman-doc-files/dDxJiZa2q-s

      Let me know if you have any questions.

  8. may i know what IOS did you use?

    1. It's been literally years but I think it was 12.4 maybe? I dont do any mpls anymore although it was great when I did do it. Interesting technology...