Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Configuring ACLs - ACL Resequence

In this blogtorial we will see how ACLs are sequenced and how we can resequence if we need to. ACL's initially start with sequence number of 10 and increments each entry by 10 unless specified.

Let's take a look.

First let's create a basic ACL with default sequencing.

Notice by default that we started with sequence number 10 and incremented by another 10 for the next entry.

Now let's add in between the Access control entries.

Notice that the entries are ordered. What if we wanted to add a 5 more entries between 2nd statement (#15) and 3rd statement (#17)? Well this is when we can use resequence.

The command specifies the starting sequence number and the number to increment the entries. In this particular instance I started with 10 and incremented the rest by 10. So now I can add a more entries between the 2nd statement and the 3rd statement.

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  1. ip access-list resequence test-acl 10(starting) 10(increment)