Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Configuring QEMU (Linux Host) in GNS3

In this blogtorial we are going to see how to configure a Qemu Linux Host. I will keep this simple with screen shots and less words. So let's get started. 

1. Download GNS3 and get it setup. 
2. Download Linux MicroCore image. 

Now follow the screen-shots and you should be good to go.

Go to Edit  --> Preferences

Edit name and other config to match

Edit the location of binary image (downloaded Linux MicroCore image -- http link above) and other configs to match.
Click Save, Apply and OK

Drag/Add a QEMU HOST.

Right click the QEMU Host and click Start

Let it boot. 
Let it boot.
That's it. Got yourself a QEMU Linux host in GNS3.

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