Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Configuring MPLS EoMPLS VLAN Mode - L2VPN

In this blogtorial we will configure EoMPLS VLAN mode so we can preserve the VLAN tagging from one site to another. Consider the simple topology and let's get started. 

Relevant Configurations are posted below.

I posted in my previous blogtorial 'Configuring MPLS L2VPN InterAS VPWS - EoMPLS Port Mode' on how to configure L2 VFI / Pseudowire class / etc, however we will do it again here.

So first let's get R1 and R2 configured.

R1 and R2
R1 and R2
Now let's get the PE (R3 and R4) configured.

R3 and R4
R3 and R4

Now let's get CE (R5 and R6) configured. Note that ISL encapsulation is not supported in EoMPLS VLAN Mode.

R5 and R6. 

Let's verify. Here is a wireshark capture of R5 Fast 1/1 which connects to R3. Notice the VLAN tagging on the ICMP Reply from R6.

As you can see VLAN tags are preserved between R5 <-->R6

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